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There are many benefits to haveing a virtual tour whether you're a Realtor, Real Estate Agency, Contractor, Architect, Interior Designer, Landscaper, Appraiser, Resort, Hotel, Ballroom, Police Department, Private Investigator, or whatever. Here are just a few.

Save Time

Having Osage Productions shoot your Virtual Tours will save you time.

Now you can do what you do best. Virtual Tours are best done by a professional with experience and expertise who keeps up with ever-changing technology and improved equipment. We at Osage Productions know Virtual Tours inside and out.

Osage Productions has the equipment and the expertise to create Virtual Tours that will suit your needs. Let us shoot your Virtual Tours with the professional look you need while you use your time doing what you do best.

Public Display

By putting your home, garden, office, workshop, mall, plaza, resort, etc. into a Virtual Tour, you enable a whole new category of people to see what it is you have to show. Most folks that are looking for a place to stay or vacation or visit are more likely to look at sites and spend more time at sites that have Virtual Tours than those that only have pictures or even nothing at all. Without leaving their home or office or wherever they are, people can view your facilities or product right from their computer. Not only is a virtual tour going to give them a good understanding and feeling of what your showing them but it will also keep them at your site longer due to the fact that it is very interactive. As with any advertising, visibility is everything. Folks who might be interested in what you have to offer may never be interested because they can't see it. As they say, "Out of sight, out of mind." The VT's can also be printed as a Panorama or cube, octohedron, dodecahedron, etc. (4-62 faces).

Lead Sifting

This is one of the best benefits as far as Real Estate is concerned but can also be useful to other clients. By providing a virtual tour for your prospective customers, you do a number of things. (1) First off, you give your house a better chance of being viewed by prospective buyers. It is a fact that most people who search the internet for possible homes will often eliminate homes that do not have Virtual Tours and look first at those that do have VT's. You want your house to be looked at first so VT's will definitely benefit you. (2) Second, you help to eleminate fringe customers. This happens quite often as any Real Estate Agent will know and I have personal experience in this. There are often folks who might be interested in a house because of the description or maybe even the picture of the front of the house and so they set up an appointment to see the house. You then schedule them in and wait for them to show up. Then as soon as they walk in the door you see their countenance change. The inside of the house is not at all what they expected or maybe far from what they are looking for. Had they have been able to see a Virtual Tour, they might have been able to cross that one off of their list and saved both them and you the time of viewing the house. (3) On the flip-side of the coin, there are those prospective buyers that might not be interested at first but because there is a VT, they take a few moments to look at it. Maybe it was not exactly the price they were wanting or maybe the location is a bit outside of their radius of interest. Whatever the case may be they now are able to see the inside and might be willing to overlook a price difference or distance change because it is just the house they're looking for. You as a Realtor would have never received their business had you not have done Virtual Tours.

Record Keeping

Virtual Tours are also very useful for records. As with any picture, a VT freezes time and can be kept for years and years to look back. While a house is under construction a VT can be taken to show where the pluming and wiring is and be used later by builder or buyer or maintenance to make modifications and fixes much easier buy viewing where the walls and ceilings conatain wires and pipes. VT's are also helpful as before and after viewing. Whether your a landscaper or remodeler or whatever, Virtual Tours can be used to show your current clients as well as prospective clients what you've done using before and after VT's.

Evidence and Investigation

This is a new but increasingly usefual use of the Virtual Tour. Mostly used by Law Enforcement and Private investigators, VT's can be used to capture an accident, crime scene, or other area of interest and be utilized later for perspective and evidence of placement. As the resolution of VT's increase with time, so does their usefulness in this area.